Your message on every screen with ease

Digital Signage expensive and complicated? Not with Duracast.
With our free player application and an easy internet accessible cms, you're good to go within minutes. With a minimal investment you convert every screen into a source of information, entertainment and promotion.

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Free player application

If you already own a compatible Android device *, you can download the Duracast player app for free from the Google Play Store. When running it for the first time, you can activate the player through our website and set up the content to be played.

Activating a single player is free, but you are restricted to use a single playlist with a maximum length and every 5 minutes a small advertisement will be shown during playback.

* Android OS version 4.0.4 and higher

Android app on Google Play

Soon available and installable through Google Play

More possibilities for a low monthly fee

If you want to manage multiple players or disable our advertisement, the monthly fee is just a small amount per player. Contact us for current rates and the according number of players. Restrictions on playlist length and number of playlists will be removed and you receive more storage space on our servers for your video and image files.

Attractively priced player hardware

For a small additional charge, you receive a pre-installed hardware player which you can connect to your screen our television through hdmi. Connecting the player to a wireless network and the internet is the only thing left to do and your configured content starts playing automatically. For more possibilities and extra applications we can also provide preconfigured Windows players. Get informed on our competitive prices.

Duracast Digital Signage


Use videos, images, websites, 3d animations and html slideshows to setup your presentations, without programming skills nor complicated software tools. Configure multiple playlists and play them subsequently, scheduled according to date or time.

External content

The Duracast player application default has the capabilities for displaying a fullscreen website or webpage. There are no restrictions for you or your website builder to put up a presentation and display it. Also presentations created with Google presentations or are perfectly playable through our software.

Custom design

Besides using the available designs in our template library, it's also possible to create a custom design for your presentation by our designers. Contact us for more information and be amazed by the low costs and professional appearance of a custom designed presentation.

Media library

All the files you upload are stored in your personal media library. You only have to upload them once after which you can use them in all your playlists. Video files will be converted automatically with the right codecs and specifications, so it's irrelevant if the source video file is a MP4, MOV, WMV or AVI file.


Campaigns give the ability to group specific kinds of content, like facts-and-figures, news messages or advertisements. This campaigns can be included in your own playlists at specific positions, with options to play them sequentialy or randomly one slide at a time.

News, weather forecasts and sports results

You can create your own campaigns, but you can also pick one from the existing campaigns collections. Free of charge or for a small monthly fee, your presentation will always include the latest local news facts for example.


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